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A 32-channel hybrid analog studio with a three-bedroom guest suite, nestled in the heart of the World.

One of the finest collections of guitar and bass amplification in the garden state, and a carefully selected assortment of quality modern and classic microphones, preamps, and outboard equipment. All housed in a tastefully restored 1880s barn in the lovely countryside of Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

Rough-sawn wood, hand-cut beam-work, and carefully restored accents that make for a beautiful ambience for you to make your next record. We hope that our accommodations inspire you as much as it does us.

We also offer location-based recording, with a mobile 24-channel recording setup with top-of-the-line microphones, preamps, and converters by Millennia and MOTU.

We also can handle the back-end for your live concert! We have professional FM transmitter equipment, and can broadcast your concert while recording it. Put on a great show, and make a record of it for sale!

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