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Dogtown was the name of this area, Franklin township (of Hunterdon County) before 1856. It's also fitting, as we have ourselves a small town's worth of dogs that we've rescued and taken in over the years. Here's our pack - you might even encounter them during your time at the Animal Farm!


Daisy is our resident veteran. She's a crazy old lady now with a love for treats and warm blankets. She has a slight distaste for men, and can usually be found barking passive-aggressively near someone's ankles. She has an honorary doctorate in napping, and can be found wherever a fleece blanket is.


Our latest addition to the pack, Siggi came to us one month before we moved back from Thailand. She was owned by a woman who used to walk her near one of the major universities in downtown Bangkok, and one day a security guard in the area noticed the woman dump her with her leash still attached. Siggi was running in and out of Bangkok traffic when she was rescued by a local dog rescuer. She went from home to home, traumatized and anxious, with a skill for scratching doors and ruining window drapes. When they had just about run out of opportunities for her, we took her in and she fit perfectly into our pack. She's a little shy, so approach her gently, but she warms up right away and loves cuddling.

Mr. Kipling

Our youngest pack member, Mr. Kipling (alias: Kipling, Kip) came to us as a 1-month-old puppy in March 2019. He was abandoned in the middle of a highway on a dark night near one of Thailand's beaches, with a cat collar on. A nearby restaurant was kind enough to let him sleep behind their restaurant but they said he needed to be removed and given a home in 3 days, or else. Our friend from the beach called us, and we took him in. He was transported from the beach to Bangkok, and we brought him home. By the first day, he already loved playing with his big brother, Uan, and chewing on all of the toys and snacks he could find. A true people lover, Kipling loves treats and pets.



We found Uan on the street in Pai, a northern-Thai town synonymous with backpackers and hippie types. My wife and I were walking on their main walking street, browsing shops, and she went into a jewelry store. I noticed a dog bleeding from his leg, recently hit by a car. He limped, three-legged, up to me and began licking my hands. I couldn't say no to him, even if he was a stray, and so we took him to the local hospital to have him stitched up and cleaned. He slept with me on the floor of our hotel room that night, drove with us 4 hours back to Chiang Mai in our rental car, and got surgery the following day. He's the sweetest, gentle giant you could ever know, and loves people and kids!

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