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June 11: Installing mass loaded vinyl and Goboard subfloor

Today was installing the mass loaded vinyl (MLV) and goboard subfloor. The MLV and goboard together act as a decoupler from what will be the 1" plank rough pine floor, and the 3/4" OSB subfloor. The current goal is to isolate as much of the range below 125 Hz as possible from the lounge and control room areas, to aid with monitoring and tracking.

25' rolls of mass loaded vinyl were rolled out length-wise on the OSB, with overlap extended onto the outer peak walls. Seams were duct-taped using a heavy-duty duct tape, and the Goboard was installed above, using 1 1/2" staples to hold it onto the 1/8" MLV and subfloor. The room got considerably more quiet.

Tomorrow will likely be paint for the lounge, hallways, and bedrooms.

We decided to go with Coleman Audio's MS6R as a monitor switching system, paired with our Dangerous Music D-Box. Coleman Audio makes unbelievably clear passive monitor and source controllers, and we felt that the flexibility of this particular model allows for us to move between our four monitoring systems with ease. Our subwoofer will be paired with the Focals to extend frequency from 40 Hz to 22 Hz, with a crossover at 80 Hz; our nearfields are primarily for monitoring mid-range and high-range frequencies, and our NS-10s and mixcubes, well, are for what everyone else uses them for. They are the perfect "bad speaker" tests. While the Coleman does not provide a dedicated subwoofer monitoring path, we will run our Focal/Dynaudio full-range system off of one channel, direct from the D-Box, and all B/C/D pairs will route from the D-Box's ALT2 channel, into the source input of the MS6R, and then direct from there. This seemed the most logical workaround that still provided us with a clear methodology that doesn't require thousands of dollars of monitoring systems (with the only caveat being a dedicated subwoofer path, which we truly don't need, as we'd have to adjust the crossover frequency every time we'd go from the Focals to the Adams).


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